*Ask us about adding Dry Brushing or a 30 Minute Massage before your Foot Detox appointment. Dry Brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and helps it release toxins. Dry skin brushing is a powerful detoxification aid. It is always a good idea to get a massage to promote the circulation of your blood and lymphatic fluids. Massage promotes healthy detoxification by speeding the removal of your metabolic waste products and it can help alleviate muscular tension.

Back In Harmony - Bring your body and mind back into harmony with a 90 minute massage and a one hour facial.            $125

Finishing Touches Let us help you relax then leave with fresh color & shine with a one hour massage & a mani/pedi.              $85

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Relax from your head down to your toes with this 90 minute massage & mani/pedi          $105

Heavenly Glow - Bring back the natural glow to your body & face with a body polish massage and a one hour facial.            $135

Rejuviant - Rejuvenate with a half hour massage and a one hour facial.             $85

Renew - Renew your mind & body with a one hour massage & one hour facial.     $105

Sole Cleansing Relax and enjoy a full body detoxification with a half hour massage &   30 minute detox foot bath.                   $50

The Healing Stone - The healing power of a hot stone massage & a one hour facial will bring healing to your body & mind.        $160

The Real Skinny You’ll look & feel your best after a lyposlim wrap & facial.        $150


Buy a package of 5

 one hour massages

for only $250


Buy a package of 10 for $450

Detoxifying Foot Bath

One 30 minute treatment costs $25. OR Buy a package of 5 for $100!